Submerge yourself in the immeasurable vastness of India having the opportunity to experience the reality of adventure life while involve yourself in expeditions that inflate your knowledge of this diverse and unique jaunt. Meet local clans and subsistence agriculturalists observing their way of life as it has been for thousands of years. These grand tours are tailored to fit the agenda and benefit of the guests.

Short or extended hikes: Watch and benefit from the detailed features of the forest floor while exploring the flora and fauna of the jungle.

Camping: Enter into the jungle and make a transitory camp. Sleep in hammocks sheltered under pitched plastic roofs, surrounded by the jungle. Listen to the sounds of the insects and nocturnal animals.

Sport fishing: Test your sport fishing talent accompanied by local expert fishermen. They will take you to their secret fishing spots where a catch is almost guaranteed.

Bird watching: Observe and catalogue the countless species of birds like the king fisher, peacock, teal fly catchers etc.

Trekking: A trekking expedition is as much a discovery of nature as a discovery of one's self. It also presents an ideal and balanced exercise for limbs, sheds surplus body fat, keeps you energetic and leaves you fitter than ever before. So pick up your rucksack and get going off the beaten track, where the trail seems to disappear over yonder ridge and leads somewhere.

Camping Sport fishing Trekking