Andaman and Nicobar
Welcome to one of the worlds best kept clandestine - the Andaman Islands. Long cloaked in ambiguity and myth - the islands have just started to emerge on the independent traveler's list of must see places in the world. The Andaman Islands are located in the Bay of Bengal and form the western boundary of the Andaman Sea. The Andaman Islands still retain the original wild and untamed character of this pocket of South East Asia. Measuring over 700 kms from north to south, including the inaccessible Nicobar Island chain, these 572 islands of the archipelago are draped in over 86% primary rainforest. The islands are breathtakingly beautiful with tropical rainforest abound in rare and endemic species of flora and fauna.

The Lakshadweep isle lies on the Arabian Sea. An eternal undiscovered treasure comprising 36 reefs and coral atolls - untouched and unspoilt. Very little is known about them and this adds to the sense of escapade for visitors. The first glance of the island is about one and half hours flight from Cochin airport to the mainland Agatti. Everything you expect of a tropical paradise is here: desolate sandy beaches, stretches of coconut palm trees, never-ending sunshine and above al the lucid azure waters of the coral lagoons. These islands are home to some of the most exotic beaches that you must visit during your beach holidays and beach tours to this part of the country.

The Maldives form a huddle of over 1000 islets and lagoons that lie just off the coast of Sri Lanka. Marco Polo referred to the islands as the “flower of the Indies”. Some are inhabited by native Maldivians, who live from the wealth of their catch, whilst some 80 islands have been developed as tourist resorts. Holidaying in Maldives is perfect for those seeking total relaxation – many of the island resorts are well-known for tranquility and harmony and are perfect for those who simply want to break away from the anxieties of daily life.